A few years back, I thought: “You are insane for spending so much time reorganizing your classroom every year…spend your summer doing other things.” And so I did.

But after sharing my classroom last year and returning full time this year, I was ready to approach my classroom like a designer. I wanted to keep in mind this realization that I blogged about last fall: my classroom should reflect not just my personality and my passions, but it should also reflect my students’ thoughts, ideas, and talents. Students should feel welcome to make their mark in our classroom.

In my PLN I’ve seen posts ranting against cute and posts proudly showing off their cute (usually with some kind of Chevron pattern). I have to admit that I can be drawn to cute. I love having a space that feels put together, cohesive, efficient, open and beautiful.

I’m a sucker for good aesthetics.

So I decided to just stop worrying what others thought about my classroom and just do me. Do what made me feel happy and confident. Do what stayed true to what helps my students and what will welcome them too.

U-shaped desks for easy conversion to Socratic Seminar discussion.

U-shaped desks for easy conversion to Socratic Seminar discussion.

Here’s the big reveal! Room 142 Redesigned.

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If you want to see a live tour of the classroom, see the video below. I took it on Periscope app, so the orientation is vertical. I talk a bit more about my thinking for each area of the room.

Classroom Tour on Periscope, September 2015 from Brianna Crowley on Vimeo.

Thanks for joining me on the redesign! Thanks for being part of my PLN and giving me so many great ideas to make a beautiful and functional place to inspire learning and community!