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Today’s Teach Thought blogging challenge prompt:

Create a metaphor/simile/analogy that describes your teaching philosophy.

And after the word-heavy posts from Day 17 and Day 16, I decided a change was in order. This is what teaching is to me.

TEACHING IS plate-spinning. Your full concentration and all five senses are necessary at all times. An immense amount of energy, focus, and practice are required just to keep everything from crashing down around you. This can also feel invigorating when you master it…for those brief moments before adding another plate.

CC license Wikimedia Commons, author: Antony Stanley

CC license Wikimedia Commons, author: Antony Stanley

TEACHING IS a mother bird who pushes students out of the nest, knowing they were born to reach their potential, and knowing you have prepared them well for the world.

Found through Patheos.com in a post by Elizabeth Scalia

Found through Patheos.com in a post by Elizabeth Scalia

TEACHING IS the wardrobe from Narnia. A portal to new lands, new identities, new experiences.

Sometimes TEACHING IS being a shadow that’s only purpose is to call attention to the real show: the students and their voice. Teaching is celebrating together in the light of that “Ah ha” moment!

Taken by me. Confession: I've been waiting to use this in a blog post this whole month! I just like it. :)

TEACHING IS reverence for your students’ stories–the ones they hide and the ones they tell. It’s assuring them that you are ready to listen. It’s empowering them to find their voice by finding their words.

Taken in Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, 2012

Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, 2012

TEACHING IS a lens that invites students to see the world in new ways. To zoom in and out until they have a new perspective and a deeper understanding.


TEACHING IS being a philosophy major, lawyer, author and artist…or at least imitating all of those at least once.

Dresen, Germany, 2012

Dresden,Germany, 2012

TEACHING IS love. It covers and conquers hate, ignorance, oppression, and the walls that are built to keep you out. It is lasting, bold, and unwilling to be ignored.

Bethlehem, Israel 2012

Bethlehem, Israel 2012